About Us

Peak Management Associates, established in 1982, is a thriving Ashbourne accountancy practice.

The practice provides financial solutions to businesses and individuals.

We aim to take care of your everyday needs and your long-term goals.

We aim to be proactive and informative, without the jargon.

As a small firm, we can retain a personal touch. We talk to our clients regularly and we expect them to call us.

Whether you are starting up or slowing down, our aim is to provide you with a financial solution.

As a company we aim to provide a complete accountancy service:

  • We work with our clients throughout the year in all financial aspects, from costing to training and, of course, tax planning and accounts. We also assist in income and corporation tax strategies, capital gains tax mitigation, inheritance tax and trust planning.
  • We can also recommend our independent financial adviser to review your affairs.

Our Philosophy
Accountants must be safe, but there is no need to be boring. If you are fed up with staid accountants, then it is time to talk to an accountancy practice that has energy and enthusiasm.

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